Creating the best user experience for this Shopify Plus B2B portfolio

AmerCareRoyal is a leading provider of disposable products for the foodservice and retail industries. Their product line currently includes over 1,200 branded products, in both AmerChoice-branded and custom-printed products. The company maintains strong customer relationships with over 1,000 distribution partners across North America. They approached Able Sense with an existing suite of Shopify Plus sites that needed refinement. So, piece by piece, the Able Sense team added custom enhancements and optimizations to ten of their sites in their highly-successful portfolio, and they have gotten even better ever since.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify Plus
  • Shopify B2B


  • UX Strategy
  • Design
  • Development

Preferred purchasing

As a B2B brand, AmerCareRoyal uses Purchase Orders with some of their customers to allow those employees to create an order, enter their unique PO number, and have the company billed at a later date. They can then check out using the manual payment method without requiring credit card information or another default payment method. The Able Sense team developed this functionality using Shopify Scripts to create then hide a Manual Payment method from all customers except those tagged as being a PO customer.

The price is right

AmerCareRoyal gives its customers discounts on the specific items that matter most to them. The Able Sense team used Shopify Scripts and custom theme modifications to give customers percent- or dollar-amount discounts on specific SKUs. This solution allows the AmerCareRoyal team to now assign these discounts per SKU to individual customers without needing further code changes. On top of the preferred-customer pricing, AmerCareRoyal also offers discounted prices and price break points on multiple quantities of certain products. The Able Sense team implemented this combination of customer-specific pricing and bulk pricing, even when the two types of pricing overlap. Our developers ensured that customers will benefit from both the loyalty and bulk pricing on products by selecting the best price out of the two, without any extra effort on the customer’s part.

Streamlined UX

Customers often order multiple sizes of the same type of product, like gloves. To streamline the process instead of adding one size at a time to the cart, the Able Sense team changed the add-to-cart feature on these PDPs by adding quantity input boxes for each size variant. Now, customers can quickly select how many of each size they want and add them all to their cart all at once. Their customers also frequently reorder the same products. To help simplify the process, an “Order Again” button was added using the Shopify prefilled checkout feature. On the order history page, the Able Sense team also added a print feature for customers to print their order invoices in a neater, text-based, printer-friendly layout.

Little changes make a big difference

While each “tweak” has been an opportunity for the Able Sense developers to flex their coding muscles within the Shopify Plus platform, each refinement has improved AmerCare’s customers’ user experience. These little things add up. By meeting each new request from the AmerCareRoyal team, our developers have given their customers a progressively better shopping experience. With each new challenge solved, AmerCareRoyal is better able to deliver what their customers need, simply and easily.

"Able Sense has been able to help us further extend Shopify Plus with our B2B workflows in ways that public add-on apps are unable to. We have developed a collaborative approach to our sites and custom development with Able Sense that works very well for us." - amercareroyal

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