Invigorating the online experience for an intergenerational womenswear brand

National is a heritage American brand offering quality and comfort-focused womenswear to an age-inclusive demographic since 1952. Guided by the slogan “living the comfortable life”, the brand has an expansive catalog, offering styles in a variety of sizes and colorway options. National’s online store was set up in an era where there were limited options for site customization, and all updates since have been piled up on the existing framework. This all led to a highly complex site configuration that was increasingly difficult to update. Additionally, the existing site was costly to operate, especially when considering that a sizeable portion of National’s revenue comes from phone sales. With these pain points in mind, National enlisted Able Sense to revamp their online experience with the hopes of improving overall functionality while expanding their core demographic.

The Able Sense team took deep care throughout the discovery process to understand the features and functionality that the National team needed when migrating the site to Shopify. This exercise gave the National team the opportunity to step back and look at their business from a fresh perspective. They were cautious about completely overhauling their online experience, so the Able Sense team worked closely with the team to ensure that all needs were met while new opportunities were proposed and integrated. The Able Sense team proposed a best-in-class developer-friendly theme, leveraging out-of-the-box native Shopify functionality and creating a strong foundation for customizations specific to their business.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify


  • Shopify Development
  • Magento Migration
  • Theme Customization

Simplifying catalog ordering

Able Sense implemented a simplified user experience for customers ordering from the National mailer catalog, given their varying tech-savviness. The new website header allows customers to search styles by style number and add their selected color and size directly to their cart. The implementation of a dropdown menu also makes for a more intuitive shopping experience, as well as the option to checkout directly from the catalog flow.

Redesigning user-friendly size charts

The Able Sense team redesigned size charts to make them more accessible for National’s diverse demographic and to maximize the appeal of these high traffic pages. The size charts are also directly available on PDPs, and a framework was built in Figma so that the team can continue to update size charts as the brand’s offering continues to evolve.

Implementing a “You may also like“ section

Integrated in the new National website checkout flow is a “You may also like” module that gives customers a more curated shopping experience by presenting a selection of hand-picked styles. Metafields were used to display this on the PDP, which are fed from National’s ERP directly, simplifying processes for National’s brand and merchandising teams.

Integrating the ERP to centralize brand operations

In order to reduce repetitive manual labor, the Able Sense team integrated National’s ERP, so that products, style groups, and more are fed directly into Shopify creating an updated and centralized hub for all product information. By streamlining the process, the Able Sense team created a solid framework for any future updates to product swatches, images, and descriptions.

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