Redefining the client experience with furniture designer SUNPAN

SUNPAN is a trade-only designer providing trend-forward furnishings for hotels, offices, retail locations, and other curated spaces. The brand’s website was hosted on Magento and suffered from the platform’s typical issues of being developer dependent, costly to maintain, update, and host, slow to market with new features, and prone to site crashes and downtime. These drawbacks in their experience prompted a move towards Shopify. The Able Sense team was enlisted to execute the switch, all while preserving and improving on the custom functionality originally built on Magento. The team created an online experience consisting of a public-facing marketing website for brand discoverability, a gated B2B retail platform for Designers to shop, and industry-specific functionality including a downloadable tear sheet, pre-order inventory and estimated delivery dates, and tiered pricing.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify Plus
  • Shopify B2B


  • Development
  • Design
  • Migration

Implementing a public-facing marketing site

The Able Sense team created a marketing site for SUNPAN on Shopify 2.0, functioning as a digital showroom allowing visitors to browse different curated rooms. The Able Sense team took a detail-oriented approach to ensure that the marketing site gave a cohesive overview of the brand’s identity, was attractive and approachable from a client perspective, and was SEO-optimized for discoverability. As market leaders in furniture design, it was crucial for SUNPAN to limit the access to their full collection. Given the trade-only nature of SUNPAN’s shopping structure, clicking on specific items within this digital showroom directs clients to an account creation form with detailed criteria to fill out in order to gather information and evaluate their eligibility to access SUNPAN’s B2B site. Once approved by the SUNPAN team, clients are given an account login that gives them access to the full B2B site.

Regional B2B sites

While consisting of many of the same digital showroom features as the public-facing marketing site, SUNPAN’s B2B experience features regional sites that are only accessible via account login. Each client account is associated to the regional site that is linked to the nearest physical showroom location to the client’s address. By migrating this site to Shopify’s new B2B platform, the Able Sense team was also able to expand the client account structure to allow multiple account holders with different accesses to be linked under one company, providing organizational-level ordering with the option to consolidate billing across users. The Able Sense team also gave SUNPAN the flexibility to set tiered and personalized pricing for various customer profiles, to cater to their variety of clients across industries.

Optimizing for a wholesale clientele

The SUNPAN B2B site features shoppable PDPs with elevated functionality such as detailed 3D models of furniture pieces, AR integration, and the ability to add similar products to a comparison grid. This allows SUNPAN to highlight the unique features of their various furniture pieces. The Able Sense team leveraged Shopify metafields to add detailed information about each product such as materials and dimensions. This includes the amount of pre-order inventory available and the real-time anticipated delivery date, fed through a custom ERP integration. This ensures their clients have full visibility of the impact of furniture availability on their construction timeline.

Customizing the digital tear sheet

Tear sheets are a necessary feature of the SUNPAN client experience, offering a cohesive overview of the selected pieces being proposed for large scale projects. The Able Sense team made it possible for Designers to create a customized PDF tear sheet for any product, outlining the product, dimensions, personalized pricing, and more. Clients are able to select whether they want to include price, as well as an option to add a markup percentage. This all comes packaged in a downloadable PDF featuring high-quality images and detailed product specifications that serves as a bespoke and functional asset for client reference.

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