A consolidated D2C and B2B offering for seed & vegetable provider Row 7 Seeds

World-renowned chef Dan Barber, seed specialist Matthew Goldfarb, and plant breeder Michael Mazourek make up the vegetable-savvy trio behind Row 7 Seeds. Since 2017, the New York brand has been a devoted provider of organic and non-GMO produce, bringing visibility to unique vegetables while encouraging farm-to-table consumption. In an effort to encourage enthusiasts and hobbyists to try their hand at growing vegetables themselves, seeds can be purchased directly on an online store, while the brand also acts as a wholesale provider of ready-to-eat vegetables. Looking to unite the two sides of its operation, Row 7 Seeds tasked Able Sense with uniting its D2C and B2B websites on one consolidated Shopify site, as they were being hosted on separate platforms. Ultimately, Row 7 Seeds was looking to present a cohesive storyline across its offering, while creating new opportunities for discovery and inspiration.

The Able Sense team merged the feel and functionality of the existing D2C and B2B sites using a customized version of Shopify theme Prestige. Separate PDP templates with custom functionalities were created for seeds and vegetables, seeing as the former can be purchased online and the latter links to retailers or Whole Foods. The overall vision was to create an online experience that was easy to navigate from a shopper’s perspective while delivering inspirational content that speaks to the brand as a whole.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify Plus


  • Development
  • Migration
  • Content Strategy

“We couldn't have been luckier to work with Tyler and the team at Able Sense over these past months to launch the new Row 7 site. We were up against a last-minute press deadline for a feature in the New York Times, so our web deadline became even more critical at the eleventh hour. Able Sense rose to the occasion with great patience and professionalism, taking every curve ball with understanding and a can-do attitude.” - Kate Barney, VP, Row 7 Seeds

Developing 2 custom PLP templates

The new Row 7 Seeds website was structured to feature direct-to-customer seeds and wholesale vegetables on two separate product listing pages. Two distinct product description pages were also developed to cater to Row 7 Seeds’ respective seed (D2C) and vegetable (B2B) offerings. Both types of PDP offer extensive information on the product in question, and feature drop-downs for recipe ideas, how-to guides, and more. The seed PDP offers the usual add-to-cart functionality of an online store, while the vegetable wholesaler page links to retailer or Whole Foods locations. The vegetable PDP’s also feature links back to the seed PDP page, should the customer be inspired to try growing their own.

Improving product accessibility with a new store locator

Customers looking to purchase Row 7 Seeds pre-grown vegetables in-store can now easily find their nearest stockist with the website’s new store locator. Able Sense implemented the store locator direction into the Vegetable PDP using the StoreRocket app. While it currently only showcases WholeFoods locations, the feature is highly customizable and can easily adapt as wholesalers change and brand stockists evolve. To empower the brand’s mission to make unique locally-farmed food as accessible as possible, the store locator can eventually be adapted to include restaurants whose menus feature Row 7 Seeds produce as well as nearby farms that stock the brand’s vegetables.

Telling stories & sparking imagination with a recipe blog

The Able Sense team implemented a blog page to the site’s existing theme, including an ever-growing recipe collection that makes use of the brand’s unique vegetable. Much like the wholesale vegetable page, the recipes directly link to the seed PDPs when applicable, so customers can quickly purchase and grow the vegetables included in the recipes as they discover them. The blog creates a a designated space for adding context and storytelling to Row 7 Seeds’ curated vegetable selection.

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