Migration and Shopify redesign for a Nova Scotia winery

Able Sense has been working with Domaine de Grand Pré since the agency’s early days. Their winery offers an entirely authentic and truly romantic experience in the heart of Nova Scotia wine country. Family owned and operated since the early 90s, elegance and warmth seeps from every corner: from the wine shop to the fine-dining restaurant, Le Caveau, to the rolling vineyards and cascading gardens. Our team designed and developed their previous website on WordPress. But times have changed and so did business needs. In 2014, Able Sense created an online wine shop for Grand Pré winery on Shopify. At that time, it was on a separate domain that was accessible from their WordPress website. Customers started placing orders right away. Very quickly, the online store evolved to sell more than just wine, from event tickets to Chef Jason Lynch’s food products. By 2018, Shopify’s content management system had expanded tremendously. It was time to migrate Grand Pré’s entire online operation over.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify Plus


  • Content Strategy
  • Development
  • Design
  • Migration


  • Returning customer rate up 78%
  • Total online sales up 121%
  • Total orders up 592%

A new look

Although Grand Pré’s products were already performing well in their Shopify store, the full migration of all of their online content was the perfect time for us to create a fresh new design. We had recently redesigned Grand Pré's wine bottle labels and we were excited to carry the new look and feel throughout their online presence. The new website design is a true reflection of the authentic Grand Pré brand: elegant and approachable. The minimal layout leaves room for the striking images and concise content to tell the Stutz family’s story.

New navigation & Shopify sections

The launch of a fresh new look was also a great opportunity to revise content. We worked hard to streamline Grand Pré’s digital content strategy to guide customers to exactly what they need, whether planning a visit or placing an online order. The Able Sense team used Shopify’s sections to bring life and dimension to the main pages – Our Story, Le Caveau, Visit Us – where we used separate sections to highlight different content and offered Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons for customers to learn more. Shopify’s sections also make it easy for the team at Grand Pré to manage content and make updates.

Hours widget

The number one question Grand Pré is asked is, “When are you open?” So, we knew we had to make their hours of operation always accessible. The Able Sense team’s design placed the hours widget nicely to the side, out of the way of content but easily recognizable to interested visitors who can refer to it at any point on their journey through the website. This widget is also easy to update with new wine shop and Le Caveau hours as the seasons change.


Grand Pré hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from music and movies in the vineyard to featured dinners. We found that they had only used their WordPress blog to promote events, so we decided to rebrand their blog on Shopify for that sole purpose. The Able Sense team created an Events page template that the Grand Pré team can customize when they would like to update featured events with details, dates and CTA button text.

In conclusion

Full disclosure: we’d been asking Grand Pré to make the 100% move to Shopify for some time, so we were very excited when they agreed to take the leap. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed working with Grand Pré, and we feel very close to the staff, brand and their overall strategy. It was truly an honour to help them streamline their online presence with a fresh new look that represents the Stutz family and the wonderful experience they’ve built at Grand Pré winery.

“Having an online store was new to our business and I did not know how much work it would be. With Able Sense on our side, it was so easy.”

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