A custom Shopify Plus implementation for a standout brand

InsideOut Patio is a provider of premium outdoor furniture and accessories, barbecues, fireplaces, and more, with two retail locations in Ontario. With a focus on quality and the knowledge of the best outdoor materials and manufacturing techniques, InsideOut Patio have had the opportunity to design many of their own products themselves, adding to the large selection of products available. With both physical locations and an e-commerce store, InsideOut Patio needed a selection display that reflected their range of products, variants, and integrated inventory for in-store and online availability all while creating ease of use for the customer.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify Plus


  • Action Plan
  • Design
  • Development
  • Migration

The Action Plan

During the Action Plan between the Able Sense and InsideOut Patio teams, we discovered clear details that would make this new e-commerce site a success. The consultation uncovered additional requirements and we determined what solutions to develop within Shopify Plus and which Shopify apps would be best to meet those unique requests. The discussion included requests for customer and repeat customers, warehousing and fulfillment requests, accounting, and marketing. In summary, this was a perfect application for Shopify Plus and a project we were very excited for.

The Solution

A custom theme design was selected, including custom features we developed for content management and online merchandising. These included customizable collection sections with blocks to display collections on the homepage and top selling products. The Able Sense team also used product tags to display badges and associated content such as, in stock, special order, pre-order, sale, quick ship, and online only. With variants on products, the Able Sense team allowed images to be displayed for the variant currently selected by the customer. The team also added metafields and product description separators for warranty information and customer reviews.

Content Customization

One important detail to get right for content managers and customers was product photo orientation. Lounge seating and sets ususally need a landscape image crop, but smoker BBQ's need a portrait crop. We developed the custom theme to allow for both options so the team at InsideOut Patio could make product updates with confidence that they will look great to customers visiting the website.

Marketing Strategy

To boost brand awareness for InsideOut Patio and their products, the Able Sense team worked with their team to develop an effective marketing strategy and enable publishing of products on social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, as well as Google. There were also various checkout requests, including setting clearance pricing, creating discount codes, setting specific collections or products to be on sale, and offering add-ons and other promotional offerings. The Able Sense team also collaborated with our partners at Klaviyo to assist with abandoned cart emails, and segmented/personalized messaging to existing and potential customers.

Logistics & Operations

In addition to couriers, InsideOut Patio have their own delivery vehicles and need a system for tagging specific heavy load vs small load notification emails. For this solution we developed a Shopify Script to hide shipping rates if local delivery was an option, allowing InsideOut Patio to offer customers their in-house delivery service.

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