Applying the power and functionality of Shopify Plus to an iconic 150-year-old business

Stanfield’s Ltd., the iconic Canadian underwear company, has been around since 1856. They have a history of being flexible and responsive to their customers and the world situation. From innovating new clothing and wool-processing techniques to producing products needed at different times in history, such as warm, unshrinkable underwear for the Yukon Gold Rush, wool blankets in WWI, and, more recently, PPE for the pandemic, their adaptability is possibly their greatest strength as a business. Stanfield’s keeps their finger on the pulse of the current climate, and pivots quickly to produce what’s needed, all while celebrating their strong values and long history. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that we supported Stanfield’s in performing another pivot, migrating their online operations from Magento to Shopify Plus.

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Platform & technologies

  • Shopify Plus


  • Action Plan
  • Migration
  • Design
  • Development
  • Inventory & Fulfilment Integrations

Making history with a functional new design

Able Sense’s lead designer wanted to showcase Stanfield’s Canadian pride as they reimagined this historic brand. They worked with the client to establish a new look and feel that would not only make effective use of their historical image archive in a modern, refreshed site, but also make it more responsive, easier to navigate, and easy for their staff to manage. The Able Sense team redesigned the PDPs for a beautiful and functional UX. With a cleaned-up, accessible sizing chart and care instructions for each product, perhaps the most innovative update was the installation of a real-time inventory that sends an email notification to a customer when a product is back in stock.

Customer-centric at every step

The Able Sense team started with a smart cleanup of Stanfield’s former mega-menu for a much more intuitive navigation, that integrates across other brands (Elita, Snow Angel, etc.). The team tightened the FAQs into a useful, easy-to-find page, and simplified the process to add product reviews. Products are now displayed in intuitive ways as customers browse the site, organized with tags and collections as well as added custom filters for product type, colour and fabric. Quick shop functionality on collection pages makes it easy for the customers who know exactly what they want to quickly add a product to their cart and be on their way. Finally, live inventory quantities at the variant level make it quick and easy for customers to see exactly what colour and size combinations are available.

Simplicity and functionality

UX goes a lot farther than the customer-facing site. Stanfield’s previous Magento site had been a challenge to manage for their internal team. The Able Sense team listened to their concerns and came up with smart solutions that would improve their user experience. For example, they used to have to create new products for each sale item. Their new custom Shopify Plus theme is much easier to edit, and allows their staff to set sale prices on specific variants without having to recreate a product. We simplified their workflows with Exportify and Stock Sync to reduce a significant amount of keystrokes for their customer care staff. As Atlantic Canadian Shopify Plus Partners, we are proud to have helped reimagine this iconic Canadian brand, and to welcome Stanfield’s to the power and functionality of Shopify Plus.

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